Nail Cutting 

An important part of the grooming routine as improper nail care can lead to painful breaks in the nail and other ailments.

Flea Treatment

Using powerful products to de-pest your pooch and sanitise the grooming studio. De-flea your dog regulary to avoid this extra cost. 

Specialist Care

We go the extra mile to try and cater for you and your dog's needs. This includes stocking specialist shampoo for sensitive skin. Let us know any concerns/ health problems that your dog may have and we can discuss how to make the most of your doggie's day. 

Puppy Pamper Pack

This is perfect for pups under a year of age who just may not be ready for their first groom yet. Includes an ear clean, small trim (eg hair that is getting too long and covering eyes), nail clipping, introduction to grooming equipment sounds and a spritz of perfume! This is a perfect way to get your dog used to a typical groomers and positively enforce that it is a safe, happy place! All breeds £10!


Blueberry Facial 

The Blueberry facial is a favourite among our extremely pampered pooches! It is massaged on to the face and left to work it's magic! It is favoured particularly with dogs with a 'teddy' groom (eg cockerpoo) and white dogs as it can fade tear stains and leave the face beautifully soft! To upgrade to a blueberry facial on top of your full groom or bath, costs just an additional £5. 



Health Check

A basic health check to identify any issues before carrying out grooming tasks including checking eyes, ears, teeth, skin etc. 


Ear plucking and Cleaning 

Ear plucking and cleaning to prevent infections.


Bathing, Blasting and Drying 

To get man's best friend gleaming and glistening even after the muddiest of walks! A range of shampoo's and conditioners are available for all coats including those of sensitive skin.

Clipping and Grooming 

We'll style your dog to however you please! We have a range of equipment and tecniques to achieve the vision you have for your dog and also a range of manuals for those of you who need a little inspiration. Personal advice is also always on hand! 


Hand Stripping 
For specific types of coats only. Involves pulling out the dead wir
y outer coat to allow the new coat to grow in.