Puppy Love!

Some of you will know that we have recently gained a member to the family..... Maggie!

Maggie is a gorgeous Shih Zhu X Bichon Frise. I have groomed this breed befoe and just fallen in love with them!

When we initially introduced them, Milo was a bit jealous and uneasy. A week has gone by and they're now best friends and partners in crime!

Through experience and countless hours of reading up, heres my top tips before and after getting a puppy!

1. Before buying a puppy you should research the chosen breed throughly. You need to decide if you have the time and the money for a pup and learn the breed specific facts e.g. how much exercise she needs, temperament and common health problems associated with the breed.

2. When at the breeders, you should ask the correct questions. You should ask about the parents (and be able to meet mum), you should get the correct paperwork. A health document (record card) with the worming and vaccination information. If your puppy is a pedigree you should also get the appropriate documents.

3. Introducing your pup to a resident dog can be tricky. If possible try and let them meet on a neutral turf. Make sure the original dog is getting loads of attention as well as the pup- you dont want him to get jealous. I am a big believer in not over interfering. If the dogs want to get to know each other, don't keep separating them. Also, if they want to ignore each other, don't force them to make contact. It's natural for dogs to have a pecking order- so they're may be a bit of bossing around but as long as you watch them to make sure there isn't any aggression you can let them get on with it.

4. Puppies can adapt and get used to things a lot easier than older dogs. This is why it is important to do as much as you can with your pup! Get your puppy to know as many sights, sounds and smells as possible so she won't be as scared when she has to face them when she is older.

Althought long haired dogs come to the groomers regularly, short haired dogs should do so also. Grooming is good for dogs and visits to the groomers for baths, ear cleanse and to get their nails clipped is beneficial to them, regardless of the breed.

Here's a photo of Maggie just before her first bath!


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