Milo and Maggie's Christmas list

If any of you are as daft as me, Christmas is a day for family, food and for well and truly spoiling our furry friends.

Whereas the rest of the family get a set amount to be spent on them, when it comes to the dogs, temptation always takes over and they recieve a heap of presents larger than Chris Cringle's belly!

And seeing as Milo was born on Christmas day.... He gets double.

So here is a list of my favourite gifts for our most loyal friends this year!

Unfortunately, the dogs won't be opening all of these items on the 25th..... Although Maggie and Milo are perfect in my eyes, they are most definately on the post man's naughty list!

1. A new collar

This is Milo's first gift. Although Maggie will stay in her Pets at Home collars while she's still growing, I love to find unique collars online that will make Milo stand out from the rest!


I love this collar and the geometeric design! I was put off by the leather and white background however seeing as Milo's favourite pass time is to roll in muck!


The interior stripes on this collar make it different to most other collars which I loved, it also looks super soft!!

(sorry for the blurry image!)


This is the collar I went for in the end.... I love the pattern and the all-over dark colour.... hopefully wont show the dirt too badly!

On another note, I have already ordered this and was really impressed with the quick delivery!

2. Agility Training kit

Dog agilty and all sorts of training is something I would LOVE to one day learn to do. I am usually one for propping up a small jump in the summer using buckets and mob handles but this starter kit looks fab! This is definately on my wish list!


It comes with 4 weave poles, a tunnel, a pause circle and an adjustable high jump ring!

3. Toys

Because all dogs love chewy, bouncy, tuggable, ripable toys!


I've heard wonderful things about the kong toys! Fill them with treats and watch your dog try and extract them! They do various sizes (which is good for my little'uns) and even do a puppy one!

These can easily be found at your local Pets at home or other pet shop!


I have come across these Nina Ottosson toys which look like amazing interactive toys to keep your pooch mentally stimulated. I particulary like the look of the dog casino but have a look at the large range of different interactive games available!

Maggie plays lovely with her soft toys however, Milo tends to destroy his teddies and leave the house covered in white fluff (I guess he wants snow everyday!). If anybody has any reccomendations for any strong and durable fabric toys please let me know!

4. Treats!

The best part of every dog's Christmas i'm sure!

No need for a link for this one, just go to your local pet shop! So far I have bought a huge 'Pedigree' cracker filled with jumbones and other tasty treats and also a 'Goodboy' stocking which has Christmas themes treats and a small toy.

Also remember that dogs booked in for a groom during December will recieve a special gift from The Dog house!


These little stockings are filled with yummy dog treats and even have a ribbon perfect for hanging on the tree/ mantlepiece!

These seem to be a big hit with the owners..... and the dogs!

And that's it for my Christmas gift guide!

Hopefully all your doggies will be on Santa Paw's' good list!

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