Puppy School!

For any of you that have puppies, I highly reccommend you go to puppy school!

I took Milo to puppy school when he was a pup and he loved it. Always confident with other dogs, he loved the interaction and enjoyed learning the commands.

When we got Maggie we weren't originally going to take her to puppy school as I now knew how to teach her how to sit, stand etc. However when she was on walks or meeting other dogs she could be a little timid, so we decided to enrol her, as puppy school is FANTASTIC for socialisation.

We took Maggie to a different school to Milo, simply because it was closer. I definitely prefer Maggie's one. Although the teaching principles are the same, Pets in the City had more 'play time' for the dogs and also more realistic situtions eg. recall past other dogs.

The class is open to all breeds of dogs- in our's we had larger dogs like a labrador, to smaller dogs like a boston terrier.

As well as teaching the pups diffirent commands, it also teaches the owners the do's and don'ts of handling your dog.

I could tell Maggie really loved going to puppy school, once she'd know where we were she would pull me to the door! She is also significantly more confident with dogs now.

Puppy School is great for all dogs, it stimulates them by teaching them 'tricks' and socialises them, meaning they are more likely to be confident and non-aggressive with other dogs in the future.

Here is Maggie with her rosette!


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