Everything... fleas!

A topic i'm sure you're all itching to know about! (Mind the pun!)

As i'm sure all dog owners can relate to, fleas are my worst nightmare! Luckily, I don't come across them that often as most people are sure to protect against them. However, sometimes they are persitent and hard to get rid of! So this is my guide to educate people about fleas and how to be sure your dog doesn't catch them!


-The first thing to look for is dander. These are tiny black specs (almost like pepper) in his coat. You can make sure it is flea dirt by rubbing it inbetween your fingers with a bit of water.... it it rubs red then it's flea dirt.

-You can check for actual fleas on your dog, although they are fast and can be difficult to spot. The best places to look for them is behind the dogs ears and on the base of their tail, as these areas are hard for the dog to get to and therefore a good place for fleas to stay.


-Treat your dog with a spot-on flea treatment. In my opinion the shampoos etc don't work that well. I also recommend using either Frontline or your vets version (I go for the latter). I found that others dont work anywhere near as well and you end up spending more money after you have to buy two treatments!

-This is where SO many people go wrong..... It is so important to treat your home too! Fleas can live in a house without a host for many months! This means you must clean bedding regularly, vacuum floors and skirting boards often and use a home flea spray on your furniture. I use the 'Staykil Household Flea Spray' which is availble from Pets At Home but there is many brands which i'm sure do the same thing.

-Another thing to remember is to treat other animals you may have. Cats are often thought to be a lot worse than dogs for carrying fleas, as they tend to have a lot more freedom and you cannot always be sure where they have been!


-Distress/ irritation to your pet

-Skin irritation and inflammation to their skin (usually due to a flea allergy)

-Anaemia in puppys and kittens

Keeping your dog flee-free is so important for their well being and the treatment is a small price to pay for their happiness. Dogs that come to The Dog House with fleas will have to be charged an additional £5 due to the extensive treatment that has to be carried out to ensure the fleas are not spread to other dogs. I will also destroy any fleas I encounter using a strong flea spray which instantly kills.

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