2015 Christmas Gift Guide!

Christmas is all about stuffing your face with food, having one too many mulled wine’s and sharing gifts with the ones you love most. That does not just refer to family and friends, man’s best friend deserve some lovely gifts to show them how much you love them too!

  1. Dog collar

The only thing your dog will wear every day! They deserve the very best and there’s so many to choose from you can find one to match your dog’s personality perfectly. I featured collars on last year’s gift guide and mine are still going strong! In fact, i have been so pleased with them that i started selling them from The Dog House!

These are the four patterns that i stock in small, medium and large and I also sell the matching leads. The thing I love most about these collars is that they're velvet-lined so lovely and soft on the dog's neck. If you're torn between a few designs or not sure which size to go for, you're very welcome to come into The Dog House after your dog's groom and try a few on.

2. Santa Sack

Granted- When it comes to Christmas day, Maggie and Milo will absolutely not realise that this year their presents have been stored inside a personalised santa sack that I ordered online. But it makes me feel good that every year the dogs will have their own sack with their own name on it!

I found mine on ebay- they have a HUGE range of hessain sacks in different colours, designs and prices. I chose to go for a cheaper version. The sack is approx 53cm x 40cm and costs £4 including personalisation. I thought this was a brilliant price as a lot of others were coming out at £12+.

3. Dog Coat

These, I have already purchased and given to my two as an early Christmas present. The Cheshire weather has been too awful to do without! My old coats that I had from the dogs were just from Pets at Home and I was not best impressed. The coat itself was nice and waterproof, however it slipped around from side to side and the straps were under the tummy so the straps would get filthy and then so would your hands when you undid them.

I have scoured the internet for some new ones and I have to say I am thrilled with them. They are from www.muddypaws.co.uk and I went for the 2 in 1 waterproof coat. It is a standard waterproof raincoat for when it's wet but it also has a removable fleece lining for when it is cold too! Also, the coat slips on over the head and it has wide belly strap that velcro's at the top of the coat to stop from getting muddy hands and the underneath of the coat is wide and keeps the tummy from getting really muddy! They come in a range of colours and once you sign up you get £5 off for referring a friend.

4. Toys

My dogs both LOVE toys. The trouble is, within 10 minutes of recieving them they are completely destroyed with a blanket of white fluff littered all around the house. So this year I have limited myself to only buying cheap-ish toys. I bought a lovely candy cane teddy and rope toy from the Cheshire Dog's Home which came up to about £8 (I love buying things knowing the money will at least particially be going to a good cause). I have also bought some nice toys from B&M which arenice (a robin and snowman) and also nice on the pocket!

5. Treats

The Dog's favourite part of Christmas! Its easy getting treats from the local pet shop and I will definately be getting some stocking fillers from here, however, for that extra special treat Lily's Kitchen do some special festive treats! These include 'turkey dinner', '3 bird feast' and 'yuletide delights'. They also do hamper-type boxes which include a mix of food and treats. Although Lily's Kitchen may not be as easily available as other treats, you know they are more natural and healthy than more processed treats.

Happy buying!

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